Whaddup, whaddup, whaddup, guys?

I want to share something very, very personal with you, something that I had to work hard to overcome this year. I was feeling a deep sense of insecurity and fear that was crippling my growth as a person.


Have you ever had an intense desire to do something, but you’re so afraid of what the outcome might be? You’re so afraid of whether or not it’s going to work, whether or not it might fail. You’re so afraid of failure you’re paralyzed. That was me.

I’ve had a dream and I’ve had ambition. I’ve had a vision for what I want to do in my life: I want to take care of my family, and I want to provide opportunity for people that are less fortunate and in need.

But for a while, I just gave into insecurity.


Questions came up. What if I’m not good enough? There are other people that are much better than I am that could be doing this already. What about the competition? What are my peers going to think, what are people going to think?

I gave into all that fear and anxiety. I gave into the doubt and hesitation. But this year I decided I was just tired of it. I was tired of living somebody else’s dream, I was tired of questioning myself, I was tired of being crippled by analysis paralysis.

And I was especially tired of the insecurity that was eating away at my soul. So, I made a decision. “You know what, it’s time for me to go for it.”


The biggest thing that helped me come to that decision was sitting down and reflecting on why I was feeling insecure. It revolved mostly around what people thought. It also revolved around things that were not even real – things that had not happened, things that were not tangible. I was giving into the false reality of my fears.


But what the insecurity and the fear taught me was that I’m human. And so are you. We’re human.

I’m not always going to feel confident. I’m not always going to feel courageous. But it taught me that I have an incredible gift – that we all have – and that’s the power of choice. That when I’m feeling insecure, I can choose to be confident. And when I’m feeling fearful, I can give in to my fear, or I can choose to give into courage.


That set me free in so many different ways. For years, I’ve wanted to put up workout videos, but gave into fear of what people might think of it. Reflecting on that fear and insecurity reminds me that I’m human and reminds me that I have an incredible gift and incredible power. I have the power to choose the path that I want to walk, I have the power to choose what I allow into my life.

I’m choosing to give into confidence and my ambitions. I’m choosing to give in to courage.


For those of you who may be feeling paralyzed by hesitation, insecurity, fear or doubt, or whatever affects you, don’t let it rob you of your power. Use the gift of choice to choose what you give into and decide where you want to go.

For me, that’s been the biggest barrier that I’ve overcome this year and it’s been amazing. I feel like I’ve been set free! I no longer feel like a caged animal. Now I’m finally able to fulfill all the desire and passion, all the ideas, all the creativity that I want to put into the world.


I hope to empower you to recognize that you have choices. You can choose who you want to be, and you can choose to do what you want to do with your life.

I just want to be real and honest about that fear and insecurity can take hold of all of us. Those who appear the most confident, might have the most insecurity. They probably have learned the secret that I finally discovered this year, and that is you’ve got the power to decide.

If you ever need support or help, if you have questions or want more guidance, I invite you to reach out and contact me. And, share this with a friend that could use the message, that you think could be inspired by it.

Spread the empowerment, spread the love.