Whaddup, whaddup, whaddup, guys!

Good morning! I had an awesome workout today with a guy named Tom. He’s a new member of the Iron Jungle, and my swolemate while here in Buffalo.


While we worked out, Tom and I talked about the importance of intensity, and how vital it is to every workout. I believe this mirrors the attitude you need to bring to your life, too. In life and in the gym, I define this intensity as passion!


Don’t wait for someone to give you permission to be excited about something. Come with it, feel it. And we were talking about how that’s so important for work. If you don’t bring intensity to a workout, your body’s not going to have the encouragement to grow.


I shared with Tom that your body doesn’t care how much weight you lift. It doesn’t care how many reps you do. What matters is the time and attention you spend. The currency for building muscle is time spent under tension and intensity.

Currency for success in life is the time you take to sharpen your skills and hone your craft, and the intensity and passion you put into it. All the things you need to know about life you can learn from exercising and observing how your body adapts to difficulties and challenges. What you bring to a successful workout are the same qualities you need to bring to a successful life – patience and passion!


I encourage you to be patient as well as passionate. Don’t be discouraged by the time it takes to accomplish your dreams and reach your goals. The successful formula is one that combines time, attention and intensity with patience and passion… and don’t forget to enjoy the journey.